week 3

Last week was taper week 1 of 3.  I planned to run about 75% of my weekly volume.  But then my 1st questions was, what should I count as my weekly volume?!  My last weeks have been 58.5, 51.4, 52.1, and 46.1.  So that would put 75% anywhere between 34.6 – 43.9.  Being the non-mathematical practical person I am, I opted for the middle – 40.8 miles.  I also ran 5 days instead of 6 days.

5.23 miles easy, 8:40 pace – I was *really* sore from Saturday’s 22.6 miler.
2 min plank

9 miles, intervals on the ‘mill
2 miles w/u
3 x 2 mile w/ 2 min jogs – 14:17 – 14:14 – 14:07
0.6 mile c/d
legs are still sore, lungs felt great – heart rate stayed 165-170 which is slightly low for intervals – which is a good sign! :) 

5.12 miles, 8:38 pace – legs are still hurting :(
2 min plank


5.3 miles, 8:16 pace
a day off sure helped!!

16.1 miles, 8:39 pace
very slow the 1st few miles based on who had shown up and who I was running with.  Last few miles were closer to 8’s



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