week 6

Several people I have been running with on Saturday mornings have hit their taper for the Boston Marathon. I am not only jealous they are running Boston, but jealous they have reached the taper phase!! I am not far behind though :)

I FINALLY got in a 50+ week!   52.1 miles for the week

5.6 miles, 8:32 pace

woke up early like normal, and it was raining.  I decided to run anyway. But this was not the typical Seattle drizzle/light rain. It was POURING. After 2 miles I felt like I had been swimming, I was soaked and miserable, so I headed in with the plan of going to the gym later to finish on the ‘mill.  I did 5 more miles on the ‘mill, varying the incline. So 7 miles for the day.
CXworx core class – and it was TOUGH this week!!

11 miles on the ‘mill, intervals, 8:12 average pace
2 miles w/u
2 x mile w/ .25 jogs
(6:58 – 6:57)
20 min = 2.59 miles = 7:44 avg pace
2 x mile w/ .25 jogs
(6:53 – 6:47)
1.5 mile c/d
S P E N T yet H A P P Y :)

5.1 miles, 8:33 pace
legs were tired and heavy and got too late of a start to get in the 6+ I wanted :(
CXworx core class again

3.5 miles – ran 3 miles super easy then did 4 accelerations to flush out my legs

20 miles, 2:48:18, 8:25 pace
slightly slower than last week, but a lot more hills.  A VERY solid long run!!

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