week 7

Getting that 1st 20 miler in always feels so good! This week was a bit different since I had done by long run last week on Sunday.  That meant 18.5 miles and 20 miles in a 6 day span.

While I count my weekly miles Monday-Sunday, if I counted my week Sunday-Saturday, I would have had 64.6 miles.

BUT in typical counting, I ran 46.1 miles last week.  I seem to be holding steady in the mid 40’s.  I keep wanting to break 50, but it just isn’t happening.

Monday – rest (after Sunday’s 18.5 miles)

Tuesday – 6.2 miles, 8:34 pace

Wednesday – 7.3 mile tempo. I totally overestimated my ability with this and cut it short – or maybe I quit. But either way, it wasn’t happening. I got a decent run in but not what my goal was…
2 mile w/u, 4 mile “wave tempo” = 29:35 (7:23 average pace)
1/2 miles were 3:45-3:30-3:44-3:28-3:55-3:40-3:59-3:32
plan was 5 miles alternating each 1/2 mile 7:30 pace / 6:58 pace yet couldn’t hold it, slowed a bit, and cut to 4 miles
cooled down 1.25 miles

Thursday – 7.54 miles, 8:03 pace

Friday – 5.06 miles, 8:20 pace

Saturday – 20 miles, 8:18 pace



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