unpredictability and making the most of it

My kids are off school all week, and I am not crazy about how child care at our gym works for my oldest, I had only planned to go to the gym once this week. Today. I wanted to get a tempo run in on the treadmill – I like setting the pace and be forced to keep it.

BUT.  As my husband is saying good bye to the kids around 6:20 this morning, I hear my middle run to the bathroom and the unmistakeable sounds of throwing up. Being the kind mama I am, my first thought was “there goes my tempo run :(”  There goes my run at all.  My husband is leaving for work, so my chance to run in the morning had passed.

I have a horrible track record of workout at home when that is my only option. Like 0 in 583 times.  I decided today was a new day!  I did a quick search on the internet, and decided on a youtube BeFit video.  I did this one. And then this one.  My legs feel like jello now!  I know strength will help my running. So today was a good day for that!  I definitely liked the videos and want to utilize them more.


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