Week 13

Last week was my 1st week of running 6 days in as long as I can remember! – seriously probably since high school!  My body handled it well.  I am thinking I’ll do some week of 6 days, some weeks of 5 days. Depending on a lot of things.

44.2 miles for the week

Monday – 6 miles in the ‘hood, 8:19 pace
Tuesday – 6.65 miles in the ‘hood, 7:48 pace. Intentionally ran more hills than my normal route.
Wednesday – 8 miles intervals on the treadmill.
1.5 mile w/u (13:18)
4 x mile w/ 1/2 mile recovs
6:54 (4:38)
6:51 (4:53)
6:46 (4:56)
1 mile c/d (9:24)
Thursday – 3.2 miles in the ‘hood, 8:10 pace.  CxWorx core class
Friday – 5.25 miles on the treadmill, 8:19 average. Started slow, gradually increased.  Did some “hills” and changed the speed around a bit.  Last mile = 6:54
(had to run on the treadmill because my husband left for work at 5:30am)
Saturday – 15 miles, 2:08:49, 8:35 pace. Ran 3 loops on the Redmond Ridge trails.  Pace on trails always fluctuates!  Legs were SORE by the end!

(‘hood = my neighborhood.  We live on top of a big hill – so all my neighborhood runs are rolling hills)

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