week 14

(In last week’s recap I failed to mention that Sunday was spent teaching our 3 littles how to ski! While I stayed on the bunny slope all day with the kids, I did lots of equating, bending, walking on skis and in ski boots and moving in ways I never have before on skis in attempts to keep the kids on their feet, in their skis, happy and feed – and it actually was an amazing day!!!)

37.5 miles 

Monday – 5.1 miles easy, 8:44 pace.  I was EXHAUSTED.
Tuesday – 6.25 miles – intervals on the treadmill.
1.5 mile warm up, 6 x 1/2 mile with 1/4 mile recovs, 1/2 mile cool down
3:25 – 3:22 – 3:22 – 3:20 – 3:20 – 3:17
(these were similar to where I was in the Fall of 2012 – last time I was marathon training – which was very encouraging!)
CXworx core class
Wednesday – 7 miles, 7:59 pace. Ate a Gu before hand and I think that really helped to get me going for this run.  Last mile = 7:15
Thursday – Body Attack class
Friday – 5.07 miles, 8:12 pace
Saturday – 14.08 miles, 8:43 average (pace was VERY sporadic due to long gradual hill, then traversing the side of a mountain on single tracks, downhill running on WET slippy trails, and a strong finish on flat. Last mile was 6:59!!

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