plans to up my game

I’ve spent a bit of time looking back over my training log from a year and a half ago, while training for the Pensacola Marathon.  Most my weeks were high 30s with a few weeks 45-48 miles (when I did my 20-22 mile runs).  Mondays and Fridays were easy days (4-5 miles), I did a speed workout and a progression run with miles at marathon pace (MP) and my long run.

I like that format.


This go around, I want to have my easy days 5-6 miles.  I am following a template that has me doing speed once a week for 2 more weeks – which will be 12 weeks out.  I then alternate tempo and speed for 6 weeks.  Then the last 6 weeks, just tempo.  I also want to be sure to get in a week day longish run (8-10 miles).  Next week, I want to hit 40 miles and keep it above 40 miles until taper time.

The BIGGEST difference this go around though is my cross training / strength training.  I am determined to have my entire body strong – not just strong legs!

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