it’s a lifestyle

I’ve been running with a local running club on Saturday mornings.  I have really enjoyed it – it’s great to run with people, and the group rotates through locations, so I’ve run in so many new places that I wouldn’t go on my own!

Last Saturday I ran with 2 guys – it was a 14 mile loop ALL THROUGH Seattle (it was AMAZING – and if I had gotten separated from the group I NEVER would have found my car again!!!).  During the run 1 of the guys asked if we were training for any races.  The other guy is running Boston for his 1st time in April.  I said I plan to run Eugene (rates go up Sunday – TIME TO REGISTER!).  I asked him if he was training for anything, and he said he had a few races planned but “it’s a lifestyle.” Meaning, staying in shape, keeping up with long runs – it’s a lifestyle choice even when not specifically training for something.

YES!!!! It is my lifestyle too. A lifestyle I choose and am committed to.  

It’s a lifestyle I want to maintain long after my days of setting new PRs are over.  I run because I like how it makes me feel, clears my head, I love the camaraderie of other runners, and so many more reasons that sum up my lifestyle. 


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