week 16

Another solid week.  Normally I take either Wednesday or Thursday off and cross train.  But my husband was out of town last Monday AND the kids had off school AND they were recovering from the tummy bug, so I figured going to the gym wasn’t a good idea.  I took Sunday and Monday off, so ran Tuesday through Saturday.  I hadn’t run 5 days in a row since before I was injured last fall.  My legs/body handled it surprisingly well.

Weekly total – 36.3 miles

Tuesday – 5 miles on the treadmill (husband still out of town) – 39:55.  I CAN’T run easy on the ‘mill – I get way too bored!  So I started at an easy pace and slowly dropped down – 8:30 pace down to 6:47.
CXworx core class.
Wednesday – 6 miles in the ‘hood – 49:00 – 8:08 pace
100 pushups
Thursday – intervals – 7.5 miles total
1.5 miles warm up, 3 x mile (set treadmill to 6:58, 6:49. 6:44) with 1/2 mile in between
After the last mile/recovery did 1/4b@ 4 incline @ 6:58 pace, 1/4 mile recov, 1/4 @ 6:15 pace
3/4 mile cool down. I was SPENT :)
60 push ups
Friday – 4.26 miles, 36:09, 8:30/pace
50 push ups
Saturday –  13.5 miles, 1:50:31, 8:11 pace
GREAT run!!! It was a huge loop all through downtown Seattle!

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