Intervals and heart rate comparison

Yesterday I ran 6 miles on the treadmill, doing 4 min hard 1 min recovery.

My recoveries were at 9:13 pace and zero incline.

I did 1 interval at 1.5 incline, but realized that was a bit over zealous if I was aiming for speed.  I did the rest at 1.0 incline (I’ve read – and it makes sense – that running on the treadmill you should do an incline of 0.5 or 1.0 to compensate for how easy the ‘mill is compared the roads).  My pace started at 7:30 for my 4 min on, and I progressed to 7:19, 7:03, 6:58 and my last 1 kicked my tail at 6:53.

I am just now getting back into intervals for the first time since LAST spring (as in Spring 2013).  I can definitely tell my speed is really lacking. I also want to start realistic because I am pretty sure part of how I got hurt last Fall was attempting to pick back up doing inverts at the same pace I had left off at 3 months earlier (that and the wrong shoe for my foot type).

I mentioned in my last post about the Body Combat class that my only negative was that my heart rate averaged 120 BPM with 158 being my max.  In comparison, during my run yesterday, in 48 minutes, my average was 166 BPM with 186 my max.  I love running :)

*side note – I started wearing a heart rate monitor at the gym because my husband’s company does a wellness program where if we document exercise, we get points, and the following year you get a discount on your health insurance premium based on points accumulated in the previous year.  The 2 easiest ways to document exercise are a GPS watch (which I use running) and a heart rate monitor when at the gym.  BUT I have come to really like/appreciate the heart rate monitor because it is good accountability to keep working hard.

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