Body Combat

We recently joined a gym here, and classes are included in the flat membership fee.  I have really enjoyed going to various classes (classes cost extra at our gym in FL so this is all new to me).  It’s fun to add in variety, and it’s helping kick my butt back into shape.

Today I tried BodyCombat.  Here’s the description from the website:

BODYCOMBAT is a non-contact, martial arts-based fitness program with moves drawn from karate, taekwondo,kung fu, kickboxing, muay thai and tai chi.

I liked it.  The instructor was really good – very high energy, easy to hear, and gave clear instructions for proper form.  And I needed all the instruction I could get!!  Moving my arms and legs together in sync is REALLY hard for me. I have no rhythm. I can’t dance.  It’s comical and frustrating.  Yet it’s 1 of the reasons I am doing classes like this – to force my brain to make my body work together.

What I didn’t like is that my heart rate just didn’t get that high. In the hour class, my average was 120 BPM, with my max 158 and only 18 minutes in my fitness zone (aka cardio).  Yet I can tell my muscles got a good workout – 12 hours out and I am feeling sore!  I am curious if I get better in learning the moves, if my heart rate will stay up more.

All that to say, I will definitely go back.

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