welcome back!

Hello my long lost neglected blog! There is no good place to even begin on covering the last 7 months. I do hope and plan to restart this blog. The timing is due to the fact that life is finally settling back into the normal fullness of life with 3 young kids and a husband with an awesome yet very busy new job. Also, I finally feel like my running is returning to normal. Back in April, when I ceased all writing, I was in a major funk. The Boston Marathon came and went without me there even though I qualified, successful got it and paid a hefty entry fee. Coming back from my injury last Fall just took way more TIME than I ever imagined. It was hard to be patient.

Then while the kids and I were on our annual summer trip to Maine, my husband flew from Florida to Seattle for a job interview. It was late June. He then joined us in Maine. Was offered the job (and accepted). We drove home from Maine a day early – a 30 hour 2 day trip. And a week later he leaves for Seattle to starts his new job on July 14. The kids and I begin to wrap up our lives in Florida, go on an already planned 10 day trip to California with my family, go back to Florida, movers pack our house and we say a lot of hard goodbyes, spend a week at my parents while our stuff is in route, say even more hard goodbyes, fly to Seattle, spend 5 days in our house without our stuff, stuff arrives and we unpack, and our older 2 kids start school 4 days later. YEP I am exhausted (and emotional) just thinking about it all!

So here we are, adjusting to life and loving life – in Seattle! My husband typically leaves for work between 6am-6:20 most days – but at times as early as 5:15-5:30. So I have been having some super early runs! It has taken me a while to get into a new rhythm and routine, but I am getting in a good spot. I am starting to feel like *me* again.

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