awkward competition

Running in the dark this morning, I came to a T intersection, and had to do an awkward side step to not run into a guy coming from the other direction.  He keeps going straight, the same way I am turning, but he is on the sidewalk and I am running on the road – on the other side of the road facing traffic.  SO we are basically running even with each other, but on opposite side of the road.  I probably picked it up a bit because I am competitive and not having raced since JUNE my competitive juices are seriously pent up inside me!  I was pulling in front of him a bit.  And then it was like he realized this GIRL was running faster than him. So he noticeable picks it up and pulls ahead.  But then he slows.  This just feels awkward!  We run even again until I need to turn right, which means crossing over the side walk where he is running even with me.  So I do an awkward stop, thankfully I need to wait on a car so it is not as awkward as it could be, and we both carry on our runs.  And I analyze our little competition the mile and a half home :)

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