I had a stowaway on my run yesterday.  Soon after I started, I felt something in my shoe.  As a given rule, I only stop under a street lamp, so ran until I came to the next lamp … took of my shoe and shook it. Nothing. Snook harder and a ROACH fell out. I seriously almost got sick.

If my husband where to tell you 5 important things about me 1 of them very well might be that I HATE roaches and justifiably wig out if I see one – or at least if it’s the big kind.

I was grossed out my whole run! – which wasn’t that long. But still. It had to have been alive when I put my shoes on. And I had been carrying my shoes around the house before hand.  I would have woken everyone in the house if it has crawled out on my hand!

Enough speculating and describing.  Hopefully this will be a 1 time experience!!!


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