time change

It seems like all bloggers are mentioning the time change. Here is my mention! …

Pre time change, it’d be slowly getting light as I started my run, and so light by the end of my run that I’d turn off my BRIGHT RED flashing light. (which by the way is a GREAT little light!!!)

Now post time change … it was DARK and stayed dark my whole run yesterday.  In my groggy pre run / no coffee state, I thought about a Runner’s World article that said to run your normal route backwards just to shake things up. So I did.  And as I headed down a certain road mid run, I remember why I HATE running this road this direction – all the cars are coming at me, and the only not getting hit option is the sidewalk. And all runners (ok not all but some) know that concrete is harder/worse on your legs than asphalt. So running on concrete is bad!  But that was my only option when cars came at me!  And it was dark!  So every time headlights got close, I’d do this awkward high step/jump to get to the sidewalk. Car would pass, same awkwardness back to road. More headlights, back to side walk. Back to road. You get it!  Next time hopefully I’ll remember to only run my normal direction!!!

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