weekly recap (Mar 3-9)

I’m trying to keep better track of the weights I lift and how much weight I use.

35 min spin
3 x 12 – dumbbell bench press (20#), 1 arm dumbbell row (20#), single leg toe touches (30# weighted bar), wide stance squats (30# weighted bar)
50 Russian twists (14# medicine ball)
15 pikes (6# medicine ball)

4 miles, 33:07 (8:16 pace)

pilates – I was jello by the end!!

4 miles, 30:45 (7:41 pace)   ~~ !!!!!!!! slowly but surely getting back to normal

boot camp at our gym – I held my own quite well with the girls who go every week, but ohmygosh am I sore!!
(normally I can’t go because it starts before I take my middle to preschool, but with my mom in town all week, she took the girls to school and I got to go have my tail whipped in boot camp!! – looking forward to the summer when I can go more!)

6 miles, 49:28 (8:16 pace)
legs were tired from the week but sure felt good to have a “long” Saturday morning run! :)

I am RESTING tomorrow!  and very much looking forward to it

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