the week (Feb 24 – Mar 2)

I ran 18.7 miles this week – my old self says that’s nothing to be happy about but my post injury recovering self says WOOWHO!!!

5 miles (!!), 42:13 (8:27 pace)

40 minute spin, 30 min incline treadmill
3 x [push ups, russian twists w/ 14# medicine ball, pikes w/ 6# medicine ball)
1st set was 20-50-20, 2nd & 3rd sets were 10-50-15
man I was whipped after this!

what is it with it raining every.single.Wednesday?!
ran 4 miles on the treadmill – felt surprisingly natural – probably because I kept it intentionally slow – 34:21 (8:36 pace)

just wasn’t in the mood for cardio
weights: bicep bench press, tricep extensions, lateral pulldowns, tricep press, core stuff, and more I’m not remembering … holy kick my tail!

4.18 miles, 35:41 (8:33 pace)


5.5 miles, 45:39 (8:18 pace)


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