the week

Here is last week’s report … if you ever have questions about my short hand descriptions for what I’ve done at the gym or anything just let me know!

This week was less intense than I’d like, but I also know some less intense weeks can be good :)

4.5 miles, 37:17 (8:17 pace)
BOSU squats, single leg toe touches, PT bands, push ups, planks, pikes, single leg deadlifts

legs are sore from yesterday!
30 min spin bike and 30 min incline treadmill walk, 20 push ups – and I was spent!

3 miles easy run – 25:57 (8:39 pace)

apart from biking the 1.75 miles to my oldest’s school and back twice (7 miles total) pulling 70+ pounds in the trailer (we biked to school in the morning, she leaves her bike at school, and I bike back in the afternoon to ride home with her) and potty training my almost 3 year old boy – I had no official workout. BUT while 7 miles of biking is not much of anything, pulling my 2 younger in the trailer actually makes it half decent! And I had plenty of springs to the bathroom with my little guy!

plan A was to run, but the forecast was looking like a lot of early morning rain, so plan B was the gym.  I had all my stuff laid out for both.  Well, just before my alarm went off I was awoken by an incredible thunderstorm.  It was seriously intense. I didn’t even want to run to my car in the driveway, drive to the gym, and hurry inside.  And I knew my kids could wake up at any moment and I am much more of a morning person than my hubs so I didn’t really want to be gone with that intense of a storm going on … SOOOO I did pushups and a core workout at home.  Better than nothing!

4.2 miles, 36:02 (8:35 pace)

took care of my sick husband while doing everything possible to make sure the kids and I don’t get it!  

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