no sugar update

I posted in early February about my plans to not eat sugar for the month of February.  After the 1st few days, overall it has been easy.  Valentines Day was tough because of the amount of candy my kids came home with, and last Sunday when friends came over for dinner and the wife brought an amazing looking sugar cookie topped with icing, apples and drizzled caramel … I almost caved!

I have caved 1 time – I got together with a new neighbor last Friday morning, and she had made a Paleo banana bread with chocolate chips for us to enjoy.  I didn’t want to be totally rude, so I had half a piece. It could have been worse though – because being Paleo there was no sugar in the bread – just the chocolate chips.  And it was good! I need to get the recipe to make in March! :)

I think my husband has been quite surprised by my self control (because let’s be honest – I’m not typically self controlled around opened junk food!).  Last week before he opened a 2 liter Coke he asked if it was ok or if it’d be too hard for me not to have any.  I told him it was FINE.  He gave me a look and opened the Coke.  The next morning I laughed so hard when I looked at the bottle …


he used a big ole Sharpie to draw a line to mark how much Coke was gone – he says it was 100% to be funny – but I do think he was trying to help me be accountable and to see if I really am staying true.   As I said, he’s been surprised :)


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  1. mom

    Drink the coke and add club soda to fill the bottle to the line.

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