the week

I aim to run every other day.  Wednesday’s forecast was RAIN – I woke up around 2am & it was pouring, still pouring at 5am pouring, so I turned off my alarm.  I am still staying away from the treadmill so I can focus on a more natural foot strike as my foot/leg continue to get stronger.  A little rain is fun, but pouring and temps in the 40s is miserable!

3.5 miles, 30:14 (8:38 pace)
did both this and this core workout.

40 min spin bike

Pilates – she is working me harder each time – both as my foot gets stronger and as I get used to the reformer table. Love it!!

3.25 miles, 27:54 (8:36 pace)

incline treadmill – 2.25 miles/41:14 min
push ups / core

4.25 miles, 33:52 (7:58 pace )


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