morning at the gym

I was *NOT* feeling it this morning.  Actually, I wasn’t feeling it last night either.  I’m not alone in this right?! Some days I am so ready and motivated … other days it feels like such a chore.

I had wanted to put my younger 2 kids in the bike trailer and go for a ride – to enjoy being outside. Yet the forecast for today is RAIN.  So last night, I debated risk it and hope the forecast is wrong and we go for a bike ride OR suck it up and get up early to get myself to the gym.    

[side note – our gym has a hair salon in the same building and they share child care – GENIUS! – but you are allowed 2 hours max a day in child care and I am getting my hair cut today and I love the girl who cuts it but she is sloooow so I am using my child care time to get my hair cut today – so it was gym early today or no gym]

So last night, I reluctantly got my stuff together for an early morning gym.  

My early went off at 5am and I dragged myself out of bed.  Even with a BIG ole cuppa coffee, I was still dragging into the gym.  

My plan was to do 60 minutes on the spin bike.  Our gym only has 2 spin bikes in the cardio room.  1 I like. The other has a different seat and I feel like I am falling forward the whole time.  Well, the 1 I like happened to be broken.  So instead of 60 minutes of feeling I was falling off the seat, I opted for 40 minutes.

It took everything in me to stay on that dang bike for 40 minutes. Everything in me wanted to get off, and lay on the near by mat to “stretch.”  

Yet of course, now I am thankful I at least stuck it out for the 40 minutes.  

Question – how do you motivate yourself on one of these days when you’re just not feeling it?  

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