the week

Here is last week’s recap …

4.2 miles, 35:40 (8:30 pace)

60 minute spin bike (kicked my tail!!!)
core work – push ups, Russian twists, planks, BOSU ball squats, single leg deadliest, pikes … I think that’s it :)

4 miles, 34:28 (8:37 pace) legs were sore from yesterday!
Pilates – y’all (yes I am Southern), I’ve hit the Pilates jackpot! – a mom of a girl in my middle’s preschool class is a certified Pilates instructor and used to own her own studio.  She sold it once she started having kids.  She’s been wanting to get back into instructing, but does not want to work and wants to give back – so on Wednesday she gives FREE private 30 minute workouts!!! – she has her stabilizer table in her playroom, so my youngest comes with me and plays while I get a great workout.  It is AMAZING.  I’m loving it!

was going to do incline walk on the treadmill, but I felt a bit of twinge in my foot too close to the injury site, so I fought my [need] for cardio and got off the treadmill :(
did PT bands and this core workout

3.53 mile run, 30:07 (8:31 pace)


rest again – was going to run but I’ve been feeling a bit more weird soreness in my foot than I’d like, so opted for another day to rest it.

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  1. I’d love for you to follow my running journey

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