the week

It feels weird posting a weekly report without a count down to a race.  Hopefully I’ll do some local 5Ks this spring – it’ll depend on what time my girls have soccer games on Saturday mornings :)

Anyway … here’s the week ~

road bike ~21 miles, 1.5 hours – a friend kept her old bike as an extra, so I borrowed that to ride with her.  Only my 2nd time ever to road bike – I really like it!!

3.65 mile run, 30:07 (8:16 pace)
weights – bicep curls, single and standard dead lifts, pulls ups, dips, push ups, planks, sit ups

gym – incline walk on treadmill for ~13 minutes, waiting for a spin bike to open up …
30 minute spin bike
PT bands exercises, push ups, abs

3.8 miles, 32:12 (8:30 pace)

incline walk treadmill – 30 minutes, 2 miles
weights & abs – can’t remember all I did but I sure am SORE!

4.3 miles, 34:58 (8:08 pace)

(incline walk treadmill is 1 of my attempts to get cardio and strengthen my foot without the impact of running – I set the incline anywhere from 10-13 and walk at 4.0-4.1 MPH – and I’m telling ya – my heart rate is UP and I feel it in my butt and hamstrings!!)

After 6 days straight, I am excited about my REST day tomorrow!!!

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