Brrr it was a chilly run this morning!! As I’ve mentioned – I have thin FL blood and this was my coldest run in YEARS!!! There is something invigorating about running in cold weather. I feel so alive! So tough! :)  And I felt like I was running in a ghost town – the near by Air Force base that employs the bulk of our town is closed until noon and the schools are closed for the 3rd day in a row – so there was NO ONE out! I only saw a handful of cars even on the main road, and I did not see a single person out besides me!  I am thankful I ran in the daylight so I could see the patches of ice – and thankfully I made it home with no falls :)

(the bottom right temp – 57.9 is INSIDE our house – yikes!!! We keep our house set on 64 in the winter, which I know is chilly, but it saves a ton of money and I have a yankee born husband who likes a cold house! But Florida houses are NOT well insulated and our heat pump can’t keep up on these cold mornings!)

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