the gym!

I never thought I’d be so excited to get myself to the gym!  When my husband got home from work early (he’s a civil engineer in roadway construction – so with our weather this week things are pretty slow at work – I’m sure not complaining!!) I tried for my 1st words to him not to be “can I go to the gym???” I think I waited 5 or so minutes before I asked :)  But after not going this morning (and eating way too much yummy food yesterday – Papa Murphy’s Pizza and cookie cake – delicious!) I was happy to be able to get out the door and get a good workout in!

post work out – a happy, sweaty, endorphin filled mama!
happy sweaty mama

Our low tonight is 23 (its already 24 so I’m wondering if it will be even colder) – I’m mentally gearing myself up for a COLD run in the morning!!

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  1. So did ya??? (run that is).

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