no gym this morning

Last night, I got everything all set to go to the gym early this morning (with school cancelled, so is child care at the gym. Bummer).  I always get everything I need for a morning run or gym laid out the night before and set the coffee pot to start automatically – so I don’t need to THINK as I’m stumbling about super early!  So as I’m getting everything together, my husband and I are talking about the ice and what the roads would be like in the morning and IF I’d be able to get to the gym.  He turned on the outside light to look at my car and it was already COATED in ice, and sleet/freezing rain was still coming down and temps were dropping to the low 20s.

I turned off my alarm and reluctantly said oh well to an early morning gym.  I could have gotten up even earlier to turn on my car to let the ice melt and I’m sure my Subaru could have handled the mile drive to the gym. Or shoot, I could have been tough enough to run to the gym!!  But as I mentioned, 4 years in Florida has thinned my blood. So I turned off my alarm.

We woke up to ice and a dusting of now.  My kids thought it was amazing!  And it sure is cold – for FL at least :) – hasn’t gotten out of the 20s all day.  Schools are cancelled again tomorrow (day 3).  My Philly born husband is appalled.

Here are a few pictures …

ice coated windshield


I typically don’t post pictures of my kids’ online – but since their faces are all looking away, here are my 3 kiddos amazed at the ice in their “fort” in the bushes


this is what snow in Florida looks like!!!!



and here I am enjoying being outside with my kiddos! They always get along better outside! So even when it is 23 degrees, we’ll bundle up and head out! (and enjoy hot chocolate when we come in!!!)



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2 responses to “no gym this morning

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  2. The Subaru could have taken it! Or that’s what my husband would say. He also almost put our Subaru in the ditch when we had the freak ice storm here in December. So probably best that you decided to sleep in.

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