ice and snow?!

We live in Florida – on the panhandle – or “lower Alabama” as some call it :)  And school was cancelled today and tomorrow for the threat of ice/snow!  Crazier things have happened! It’s 32 and raining now … and the temps are supposed to drop into the 20s.  Even if we see snow flurries, that will be a BIG DEAL around here!  I’m holding out hope for at least a light dusting.

I was able to get my run in this morning before the rain started.   I’ll cross train tomorrow, but with schools canceled they cancel child care at our gym – the note says “for safety of the workers due to potential winter weather” – but I also think it’s for safety for the workers due to the insane number of school age kids that would be at the gym for mom to get a workout and some sanity!!  So it’ll be another early morning tomorrow.  I’ve gotten out the practice of early mornings being injured.  Tine to get back in the swing!

I’ll definitely take pictures if we get a bit of snow!  Our picture from today was my 3 kids bundled up in the dry grass yelling “snow day!”

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