for me

Over the past few years as I’ve rekindled my love affair with running and chased faster times, I’ve known I am imbalanced per say – my quads are too strong for my tight hamstrings, I have a weak lower back, and little upper body strength.  My right leg has always been stronger, making for a slightly off balanced stride.

So when this injury blindsided me and I spent a few idle weeks wallowing, I determined that I would emerge from this a stronger, more balanced running.  I am doing PT exercises to strengthen my glutes, a lot more core work, lifting weights consistently (for the first time since high school!)  Now that I am starting to run again, I’m determined to keep all these in my routine.

For my sake, I want to do a better job of documenting what I do each week.  I keep track of my mileage on but I want to keep track of everything I do!  Thus, for me, I am going to post weekly reports of what I’ve done each week.  It may be boring for some of you (or all of you?!) but it will give ME a better sense of my progress and keep me accountable.

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  1. You gotta do what you gotta do. And personally, I enjoy reading what other runners are doing for training. It motivates me. And I bet your posts will motivate others as well.

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