on the road again / update / 16 weeks

Yesterday marked 4 weeks since I got out of the boot.  Yesterday also marked 16 weeks to the Boston marathon.

The doctor said to ease back into running after 4 weeks of no boot.  So easing I am … I ran .8 miles yesterday with my 7 year old and 1 mile this morning.   Over the past month I have added in biking (spin bike at the gym) and walking.  I’ve continued lifting/core/PT exercises as well.  I’ll continue doing that as I add in running.  And my hubs/parents/in laws all pitched in to get my a sweet new mountain bike for Christmas!!  So I’ll be using that (with my 2.5 year old in tow in the trailer) to change it up a bit.

I honestly have no idea how much/how little I should run.  Since 2007 my only extended breaks from running have been when I had our 3 kids.  After each pregnancy and c-section my body clearly communicated how much I could run as I regained fitness.  Yet through this injury, I have kept up a decent level of fitness. So I can’t listen to my overall fitness to determine how far to run.  You always hear “build your mileage slowly” and “increase mileage no more than 10% each week.”  How slowly though? And is the 10% rule a good one to follow??

It’s overwhelming to think the marathon is 15 weeks/6 days away.



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2 responses to “on the road again / update / 16 weeks

  1. When I started back, the first run I did 2 just to make sure my foot didnt explode. I then rested a day (cross trained) and ran 3 the next. I continued that pattern for two weeks-running every other day and upping my mileage to 5, then dropping back to 3, back up to 5, and then 6 after two weeks. After that, I pretty much jumped back into normal running-except that for the next two weeks, I didn’t run more than two days in a row. After four weeks post injury, it was all systems go.

    Hope this helps. Remember-you will feel some pain. That’s normal. Just ice it. You will know if something is wrong. It will hurt like hell.

    Best of luck!!! You can do it!

  2. Getting back is always a great feeling even if it is just for a little bit. Congrats.

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