injury update


I could just insert this picture …image

and say no more.  That’s what I feel like doing.  But I’ll give the update as of this morning.

I ran Monday per the original plan with the doctor.   An easy 1.5 miles.  That’s more of a jog than a run. And I do not like being called a jogger!  I am runner. [but that is a side point]

My foot was feeling a lot better, but wasn’t 100%.  Perhaps I should not have run.  I am stubborn.  I wanted to run.  SO I did.   And it hurt.  I was a miserable mess afterwards.  Not the blissful mental image I had of my 1st run after a break.

Since that run, my foot has been hurting even when I’m walking around, and when I drive.  That wasn’t the case before. My follow up appointment wasn’t until Oct 28, but given that my foot hurt more I called and they had an opening this morning.

The doc put me in a boot to really take the pressure off my tendons and he’s ordered an MRI.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get it next Mon, Tues or Wed, before I leave town for a long weekend.

He thinks it’s some type of impingement but without the MRI, he’d be treating me blindly.  When I asked about possible treatments, he very much reiterated that we don’t know yet without seeing the MRI (I think he was trying not to freak me out!)  He said it could be as simple as an injection, but some times surgery is needed.  I’m not letting myself “go there” mentally in terms of thinking about surgery/recovery from it.

This week has definitely been tough as I’ve had to transition my thoughts from I’ve got this little issue to I’m injured and we need to figure it out.   Running is my outlet and it’s gotten more and more tough with that outlet being gone.  Going to the gym isn’t the same for me – I go to the gym to ensure I can still button my shorts and in hopes that I won’t be a complete jiggly slug once I start running again!!  I run because I love it.  I think clearer, pray better, and release all my stress and emotion.

Thankfully I’ve been a very healthy runner and am not used to being injured.  If anyone has any tips, please share!


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3 responses to “injury update

  1. Oh no! Healthy thoughts your way. I don’t think there’s much worse for a runner than a sidelining injury. Seriously.

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