Boston Marathon 2014

Confirmation came – I’m registered for the 2014 Boston Marathon!!!!  

I qualified last November at the Pensacola Marathon in 3:25:31 – 9 min 29 seconds under my qualifying time.

On April 15, 2013 I was spending the morning wishing I was running Boston and excited about the 2014 race.  Then in shock/anger/fear I was thanking God I was NOT there.   I remember asking my husband that evening what he thought then about me running 2014.  He said “You have to. And it’ll probably be the safest year ever.”  Neither of us ever wavered in the resolve to run 2014.

I ran my first marathon February 17, 2008 in 3:33:32 – qualifying for Boston (3:40 was my BQ then). I was in the qualifying window for 2008 and 2009.   Our 1st child was 14 months old and we were starting to think about #2.  And in 2008, you could still get into Boston only 8 weeks out! (that was the last year that was possible).  So, we decided I better sign up and RUN BOSTON – in 8 short weeks!!!

On April 21, 2008, I ran Boston. My 2nd marathon.  My goal was to break 3:30 – I ran 3:29:58!!  It was amazing. Everything about Boston – the entire weekend, the marathon – everything. I loved it and could not wait to run it again!

A few months after Boston, we found out #2 was on the way! So for the 2009 race, I was at home with our 3 week old :)  That January (2010) we moved to FL and I was hopeful to do a spring marathon and re-qualify.  Between settling into life in a new town, and my husband having back surgery, a marathon didn’t happen.  That summer I was pregnant again with #3!

Finally in November 2011, I ran my 3rd marathon and re-qualified.

So here we are today.  All set for 2014!


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