not as planned

About a month ago I mentioned my sore achilles.  Well, over the past month it has gotten worse.  It has not gotten to the point of pain – rather it is sore and getting worse – which is worrisome.  I am fairly confident that if I continued to up my mileage and intensity, it could turn into an actual injury – rather than an annoyance (which is what I am calling it now!) Last week, I was planning on putting in my first 6 day week.  I had a solid interval session Wednesday and was going to run easy Thursday.  Yet Wednesday night my achilles was more sore than it had been to date.  SO I decided to take Thursday off.  Then on Friday my running partner told me the doc had just put her on a 3 week injury break and then she is to build back sloooowly.

I made a bit of an abrupt decision to let my achilles heal NOW.  I am forcing myself to look long term.  I do not want to grunt my way through marathon training this fall only to be injured and not train fully for Boston (my registration window opens Friday – stay tuned!!!!)  I do not want to get injured as soon as my training partner is healthy.

As of now I have not run in 6 days.  Overall I can definitely say my achilles is healing.  Just not as fast as I hoped!  I am still hopeful that by the end of this week I’ll be good to go.

This has also, as I mentioned above, caused me to re-evaluate my plan and goals.  I really want to have 2 attempts for a fast marathon this year, but it’s looking like I may only have 1 shot.  No decisions made yet.  If I scrap Huntsville, I’ll chase my half PR in January while building to Boston in April.  And considering family life, that may be the better choice.

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