IMG_5334All of a sudden [or maybe impulsively] but yes, with at least a bit of thought, I have found myself with 4 current shoes.  FOUR! You’d think I worked at a speciality running shoe store or something! (which is actually something I’d like to do when my 3 little ones are all in school)

Here’s what and why I’m running in right now …

Mizuno Wave Rider 16 – 8.4 oz, 12 mm drop
My go to favorite shoes! This is my 2nd pair of these and I love them!  The owner of my local running store convinced me to try these after 20 years of running Nikes. I’m so glad he did!  These are my favorite shoes to date! And even though they are a heavy trainer, I would seriously considering running a marathon in them. I use them for my long runs, and often on easy days.


Nike Flyknit Trainer – 8.0 oz, 7 mm drop
I bought these at a race expo for $30 – not a bad deal considering they retail for $150!  I figured even if they didn’t work, I could wear them for cross training at the gym.  After being very skeptical due to some gnarly heel blisters as I broke them in, these are actually pretty good shoes!  Currently I am using these for speed work and tempo runs.  I do not think they are worth the $150 price tag, so unless I find a steal of a deal again, I won’t buy these again.


Nike LunaRacer – 5.5 oz, 7 mm drop
I just retired an identical pair of these – my racing shoe from a half marathon down to 5Ks.  In the past I’ve also used these for speed work and tempo, and probably will again once I build back up a bit more.  I’m reluctant to race a marathon in these out of fear that I’ll get too beat up from the lack of support.  Maybe I need to just try?


Newton Energy – 7.8 oz, 2 mm drop
Newton’s definitely have a cult like following, and I have been very curious yet reluctant to try.  Changing anything in my running scares me!  And the stated purpose of these shoes is to morph you into a more efficiently striding running.  Now that sounds good – but it could mean changing my stride!  Scary!!!
Newton just came out with this shoe and it is meant to be an introduction to their brand – a transition shoe from more traditional shoes to Newton shoes.  The girl at the store sold it to me as a potential marathon shoe. Not sure if I’ll do that. But maybe. Today was only run #1 in them.  We’ll see.  I need not judge or make decisions yet!



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  1. Jamey

    Only 4?? How you do survive on that!

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