week 16 recap

This has been a bit of a sluggish week.  We spent Saturday-Wednesday at a condo on the beach with family – such a treat and my kind of vacation being only  30 minute drive away! :)  I think my body was tired from the last 2 weeks of beginning my “ramp up” and I also think I felt a bit sluggish knowing I was on a mini-vacation.  When then spent the weekend back home with my parents, sister and her family.  I LOVE running back home – with the group of guys who were huge in helping me get back in shape after baby #2 was born and leading up to our move to the flat land of Florida.

28.7 miles for the week

3.2 miles @ 8:53 pace – shortest, slowest run in a long time
postponed 30 day challenge because my arms were so sore from the day before!

5.2 miles @ 8:23 pace – took a while to get my body moving, but ended the run at a decent pace to make for an ok average
skipped 30 day challenge out of laziness

day off

intervals on treadmill – 7 miles total, 56:07 total time
did 6 x 1/2 mile
1.5 mile warm up
did 800’s progressively faster, always getting faster after 400 meters on each one:
1- 9.0-9.1
2- 9.1-9.2
3- 9.2-9.3
4- 9.3-9.4
5- 9.4-9.5
6- 9.5-9.6-9.7-9.8 (got faster each 200 meters on the last)

1.25 mile cool down
(still being lazy on the 30 day challenge – I have 2 more days to do!!)

9 miles @ 8:45 pace – very very hilly – oh how I miss the hills! (yes I am actually being serious) – and ran with my old running group – such a hilariously fun group of guys!!

4.4 miles @ 9:14 pace – ran with my sister at her pace. Love the time with her and love that she has gotten so into running over the past year!
water skied – serious full body workout!!

more water skiing – my whole body hurts!


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