I did a speed workout this morning – first one since early June. It felt so good and definitely began rekindling the fire within!  Since we joined a gym in January, I’ve mostly done my speed on a treadmill.  I like that I run a forced, consistent speed.  In an ideal world I’d meet a group of people at a track every week.  Yet I don’t have consistent access to a track or to a group of people at a similar pace as me.  When I attempt speed on the roads by myself, it’s too hard to maintain my pace – too easy to slow down.  Thus the treadmill it is.  I typically set the incline to 1%.  Not sure if it makes much of a difference, but smart runner people say it does, so I do it!

Here’s what I did today –

1.25 mile warm up
3 sets of

400 @ 8.4 MPH  (7:10 pace)
400 @ 9.1 MPH  (6:38 pace)
400 @ 9.6 MPH  (6:15 pace)
1/2 mile recovery

1 mile cool down


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