day 15 of 30

Half way there!  It is definitely getting harder!  I give myself a serious pat on the back when I think about that fact that I am doing 45 REAL push ups in a day!  Not on my knees!  I still remember the day last winter when I attempted a real push up and no lie pulled my back and could not stand up straight for 3 days.  I’ve come a long way!!

Today was 45 push ups, 70 sit ups, 75 crunches, 42 leg raises and 60 second plank.  Notice I omitted the squats.  There is a slightly ridiculous story …

Last weekend, day 6 and 7 of the challenge, I noticed my achilles was a bit tight. It felt a bit like I had rolled my ankle, but I knew that hadn’t happened.  It wasn’t bad and didn’t keep me from running. I was just aware of it.  I have not been injured since 2008 (yes I count my blessings ALL.THE.TIME.) so it did make me a bit nervous.  Monday was a rest day of the challenge.  I ran 6.3 miles at a decent pace and felt great.  Tuesday morning when I began my 1st of 100 squats I felt my achilles big time  when I was in the bottom of the squat. I think I did 1 or 2 more out of stubbornness/denial and then realized that I the squats where the culprit of my sore achilles. What the heck?!?!?! Who hurts their achilles doing SQUATS?!  

It made me feeling like a looser to stop the squats part of the challenge. Yet running is what is most important, and this 30 day challenge is supposed to help my running – not hinder it. So the squats must go.

But wait. It gets better.

I’ve been icing my achilles to make sure this doesn’t turn into something nagging.  I iced after Saturday’s long run and I GOT FREEZER BURN on my heal. For the freakin love.  It hurts like nobodies business. Seriously took my breath away when I put my shoes on this morning.  Thank goodness I just happened to buy an aloe plant the other day. I’ve been lathering it up.

Such a quirky thing!


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