the marathon

I feel the need for redemption. I KNOW I have a better marathon in me. I know I can run faster than 3:25. I’d like to think a lot faster.  Yes, I feel the need for redemption.

The Pensacola Marathon last November (2012) was probably my least favorite race ever.  But let me be clear – that has NOTHING to do with the race it self – Pensacola puts on TOP NOTCH races!  It has all to do with me.  I raced stupid, I ran alone a lot, I crumbled, I was no where near my goal. It just  Actually, it was fun on 1 level – my amazing family was the most kick-a cheering squad EVER!  That was the best part of the day! :)

So walking away from Pensacola I knew I’d have to run more marathon and keep chasing my goals and dreams.

Fast forward to March 2013.  After chasing a sub 1:30 half marathon since spring 2010, I smashed it with a 1:27:33.  After that race, I felt even more like I needed to go after redemption in the marathon.

I’ve qualified for Boston 2014 and am planning to run – if I get in.  I don’t want that to be my only shot at a marathon this year.  Yet with doing Boston, if I do a fall marathon, it needs to be close by and a cheap trip.  Huntsville fits that category.  I’ve also heard great things about the race.  The hotel is booked and I need to take the plunge and register!


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