just a bit

I had said I wasn’t going to start tempo or speed workouts until August, but I just couldn’t help myself!  I did just a bit – just enough to get me wanting more!  The husband has had a crazy work schedule this week (working 8pm-3am, then all day, then again the following night waking up to go in at 2am to stay all day – yes, crazy!) and he did another of those shifts last night of going in at 1:30am and was due home around 9am.  It would be too hot at that point to run outside, plus I knew he needed a nap. So today’s 7 mile run is planned for tomorrow and I went to the gym to get in a 40 min elliptical workout.  Well, the treadmills were calling my name when I finished!  So I jumped on for a quick 2 mile run – starting normal and dropping done to 6:45 pace.  I hadn’t run that fast since June, and it felt oh so good!  It also felt like oh wow I have some work to do!

My training plan is set, starting August 12.  So I may throw in a bit more of things like today until then, just to keep waking up my legs!

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