As intended, June was a month of lower mileage – even lower than I planned.  As unintended, it was NOT a month of building strength and core.  It was a month of rest.  I took a 12 day straight break  due to travel and getting sick.

At first the break was welcomed. My body was loving the rest and it was nice not having to worry about fitting in runs in the midst of traveling up the east coast.

By the end of June I was getting antsy!  I was ready to run! Ready to form a plan!  This was around the time when we figured out we’ll be staying put rather than moving across the country, so I was able to start forming that plan!

I’m spending July building back up, and also really focusing on strength – core, squats, lunges, jumps, etc. I’m in a good rhythm of running MWF and either Saturday or Sunday.  Tuesday and Thursday I cross train at our  gym – spin bike or elliptical.

My “training plan” starts August 5 – which just so happens to be 18 weeks out from the Huntsville Marathon.  Not a coincidence!   More on that to come! :)

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