season in review

Looking back at my “season” – it’s been long, fun, successful – and no wonder my body is tired and excited about some down time of just running rather than training.

I have set PRs in every distance I have raced – 5K, 4 mile, 10K, 15K, half marathon and marathon.

I started my training build up for the Pensacola Marathon back in mid July.  After the marathon in November, I took a week off and then ran easy for about 3 weeks.  I then ramped it back up training for the Seaside Half Marathon.  After Seaside in March, I took a week off and the jumped right back in with intervals training for the spring 5Ks and Gate to Gate.

It has been a FUN year!  And yes, my body is ready for a break! I know I need a break to become a better runner and lower my PRs even more.  At the same time, taking a break is a bit scary.  This past year has been the most intense and most successful and it’s hard to not to feel like I’ll loose it all if I back off.  I know that’s not true – it’s just hard to trust it some times!  I’ve been very blessed in that my only breaks have been during my 3 pregnancies.

I still have not decided what the plan for the Fall is – in part because I do not know where we’ll be living!  If we stay put, I have my eye on the Huntsville Marathon on December 8th, with Boston to follow in Spring 2014.  If we move to who knows where, I’ll have to wait and see what races are possibilities.

Regardless, June will be a month of lower mileage, focusing on core and strength.  July, I’ll start building my mileage back up.  August will bring tempo and speed workouts.

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