Billy Bowlegs 5K race report

Saturday night was the Billy Bowlegs 5K.  It starts at 10:30pm.  That’s LATE for me!  I honestly like to be in bed by 9:30pm! :)  Yet this is a big local race and is a lot of fun.  Thankfully my training partner, Lisa, ran with me.

I definitely felt pressure going into it being the defending champ.  The local running store keeps a HUGE trophy in the store and every year the overall male and female winners’ names are engraved on it.  Pretty cool.

Between Lisa and another local girl, Cindy, I knew it’d need to be a good race.  Then right as the gun goes off, Lisa points out another girl – “the air force girl” – who beat me Monday at the Gate to Gate race.  I have to admit – I cussed loud when I saw her.  And also quickly made the decision to go for it and try to go with her.

I hit mile 1 in 5:53.  She was about 5 steps ahead of me.  I pulled right on her in the 2nd mile, but she surged and opened up her lead a bit.  Mile 2 was 6:08.  I knew if I ran an awesome last mile I could PR.  I can honestly say I fought with everything in me, but I just didn’t have it.  Cindy blew by me with about 2/10’s to go in the race.  Mile 3 was 6:22 and 18:24.  All I could think about at that point was finishing on my own 2 feet.  As I neared the finish, it was definitely a let down to see 18:59-19:00.  I finished in 19:06.

When I think about 19:06, I know it’s a good time and I should be happy.  When I ran my PR in April, the weather was perfect.  It was really hot and really humid Saturday night.  I guess I just walked away from that race thinking I could have won.  Cindy was 18:50 and “the air force girl” was 18:55.

I keep thinking I’ve got to try a 5K where I start out more like 6:10 and then speed up.  I just get too dang competitive and go out too hard.  EVERY.SINGLE.RACE.

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