Gate to Gate 4.4 mile race report

Gate to Gate is a big local race – it’s on the air force base and is always on Memorial Day.  This is the first year that I’ve been able to run it.   I’ve heard lots of horror stories – mostly about the HEAT as you run on the road beside the runway and how it traps heat from the jets and also about the big hill around mile 4.1-4.3 of the race.  Needless to say I wasn’t too optimistic!  Yet luck was on my side because it was 1 of the coolest races on record (still warm but nothing like it could have been!).  My plan was to start out 6:20-6:30 and then hopefully drop down, feeling strong on the hill.

Well, typical me, I hit mile 1 in 6:05.  The crazy thing is I felt good and was honestly surprised I was that fast.  Probably because I’ve been training for 5Ks.  2 women pulled away from me.

Mile 2 was 6:16.  2 more women caught me and start to pull away.

Mile 3 was 6:25. Are you kidding me?! 10 seconds every mile?!

I tried to throw in some surges to keep it somewhat respectable.  Mile 4 was still 6:36. Damn.  I do feel I stayed pretty solid up the hill.  You then turn a corner and can see the finish.  I kicked it with all I had left.

28:01 – 6:23 average pace.  5 woman overall.  1st woman for my team (I ran as part of our local track club – top 4 including at least 1 woman score).

Overall I’d say I could have run harder.  I could have fought harder in the middle miles.  Not that I’ve raced many 4 mile races but I did hit an unofficial PR for 4 miles (25:23).   But I felt way too good later that day and have had 2 solid runs the past 2 days … yep definitely didn’t run hard enough.

Up next is the Billy Bowlegs 5K on Saturday night.  This is a tricky one because it’s at 10:30pm. I’m used to running early and going to bed early!!  And I have a target on my back as the defending champ.  Yep, got some internal pressure!!


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