King of the Mountain 4 mile race

We’re back home on Lookout Mountain for a quick weekend trip, and who I am to pass up on a race?!  The King of the Mountain has always been a favorite.  And with the Gate to Gate 4.4 miler coming up on Memorial Day, I knew this would be a good one for me to do.

I hate making excuses and never want to be that one who crosses the finish line with an array of reasons … so the short answer is I just wasn’t feelin it today.  The honest/making excuses answer is we travelled up yesterday and I didn’t get much sleep last night, I’ve been fighting a head cold all week, in spite of the head cold I still got in a tough week of training. Ah yes, making excuses.

I felt sluggish/dead legged from the beginning.  The 1st mile is gradual up hill.  Mile 2 has some rolling hills, and mile 3 and 4 are mostly down hill with 1 hill at the end.

My splits were 6:45 – 6:31 – 6:31 – 6:24.  I ended up as the 2nd place woman in 26:12.  I had a 3 tiered goal – to run sub 25, sub 26 or PR.  I did PR (in 2009 I ran 26:32).  SO at least I got 1  :)

It is frustrating when I’ve been training HARD and nailing my speed workouts, for it not to pay off in a race.  I have 2 more chances before things shut down for the summer and I take a much needed down time in my training.  As I mentioned at the start, the Gate to Gate 4.4 miler and Billy Bowlegs 5K on June 1.


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