Spring plan

The Seaside Half Marathon was a serious HIGH for me.  I floated on cloud 9 for several days.  Actually, until the throw up bug knocked me and the kids out.  My body was whipped.  Every part of my body was sore – even my arms!  And then being sick, I had ZERO energy, and was forced to rest a few more days than I wanted or planned.  Which was good!

My loose plan has been to do some local 5Ks (had hoped for a 10K this weekend but based on recent runs and lack there of, it isn’t worth it), ending with the Billy Bowlegs on June 1 where I hope to defend my title from last year!

I’ll then back off for the summer.  Fall is undecided.  Partly because my body is tired and I don’t know if I’ll be ready to train for a Fall marathon.  I wonder if it makes more sense to spend the Fall building, and then train for a Spring marathon (hopefully Boston!!!).  Yet also, I’m not even sure where we’ll be living this Fall – could be still here in FL, or could be anywhere.  So it’s a bit hard to plan.  So back to focusing on the present – hopefully a 5K PR this Spring!!!!

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