NWF Ballet 10K

I ran a local 10K on January 19th. I felt I needed a “kick start” to my training and help getting back in my racing mind.  A year ago I was coming off a rough patch of training and did a 10K in 42:15.  I knew I was a lot stronger then than, so was hoping for at least under 41, with a major long shot goal of sub-40.

The 5K and 10K started together and a girl TOOK off.  I was definitely happy when she turned around at the 5K turnaround :)  From basically 1 mile in, I was running alone.

I finished in 40:15.  6:28 pace.  So not only was it 2 while minutes faster than a year ago – I ran it alone almost the whole way!  As much as sub 40 would have been GREAT, I was super happy!

The best part of the day was when I got my award – and saw that it included 2 FREE nights at a local high end beach front resort!! I seriously almost cried!  They block it out during the tourist season (March-August) so we’re booked for a weekend in late September :)


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