what’s next?

It’s been almost a month since the Pensacola Marathon. I took a full week off.  Since then, I’ve been taking it easy.  Running about 4 days a week, not too hard, not too far.  I’ve needed this break – physically and mentally.  Next week is my last week of down time, and then I plan to pick it back up, training for 2 races … Pensacola Double Bridge 15K on February 2 and Seaside Half Marathon on March 3.  I am still chasing that [somewhat] elusive sub-1:30 half marathon, so that will be my focus as I train.

In an attempt to reach that goal, and to be stronger in general, I plan to add more core and strength work.  I’m the first to admit it – I am a slacker when it comes to any exercise but running!  I rarely stretch, rarely do core, and never do leg stuff.

My initial leg routine is this: 20 squat-jumps, 30 lunges (with weights), 40 single leg toe touches, 50 second wall set, 100 second jumping jacks, 50 second wall set, 40 toe touches, 30 lunges (with weights), 20 squats (with weights).  I could barely walk for 3 days after the first time I did this!  The 2nd time went much better :)  My goal is twice a week.  Plus twice a week for core.

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