Pensacola Marathon race report

The facts:  3:25:32 (4 min 26 sec PR), 23rd overall, 4th female, 2nd in my age group (30-34)

Overall, a 7:50 pace.  BUT …
1st half average pace = 7:30
2nd half average pace = 8:12

While I am happy with my PR and am hopeful it will get me into Boston 2014, overall it was a hard and frustrating race.  I’ll list my splits below, but I started off too fast and paid for it in the end.  I was also running alone for most of the race, and the last 2-3 miles, we ran into a MAJOR headwind. It was brutal.  The 2 marathons I ran in 2008 (Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville Beach and Boston) both had much more crowd support, and I was running with people the entire time.   That makes a big difference!

So all that to say, it was hard.  My goal had been 3:19 and I honestly think I could have nailed it if I’d run a smarter race.  So I do feel the need for redemption.  Yet I don’t know when it’ll come.  Maybe next Fall. Maybe Boston 2014.  This Spring I am signed up for a half in early March. I guess there is also the possibility of carrying my half marathon training into a full, but I doubt it.

Here are my splits:
missed mile 1 marker which sure didn’t help as I was 2 miles in before I had a clue as to how fast I was going)
mile 2 – 13:55
mile 3 – 7:16
mile 4 – 7:18
mile 5 – 7:28
mile 6 – 7:22
mile 7 – 7:20
mile 8 – 7:36
mile 9 – 7:33
mile 10 – 7:32
mile 11 – 7:30
mile 12 – 7:34
mile 13 & 14 – 14:44
mile 15 & 16 – 15:45
mile 17 – 7:46
mile 18 – 8:00
mile 19 – 7:54
mile 20 – 8:07
mile 21 – 8:45 (walked a tinny bit)
mile 22 – 8:21
mile 23 – 9:16 (walked more)
mile 24 – 8:32
mile 25 – 9:46 (yes I walked even more)
mile 26 – 8:31

So yes, the wheels came off towards to end.  I knew by mile 16 that I was in trouble.   I was the 2nd woman for most the race.  A girl charged by me around mile 20. She finished strong and got my goal – a 3:19.  Closer to mile 23, another girl passed me. She remained in site and only finished 20 seconds or so ahead of me. But for the life of me I could not catch her.  I was hanging on for dear life.

On a happier note, my parents, husband, and kids were AMAZING – they drove all over Pensacola cheering me on.  Hearing my 19 month old son yell “GO MAMA!” was seriously the high light of the day.  As hard as it got, I kept thinking about those 3 precious kids and how I wanted to be able to say “It was so hard but Mama did it!” – thinking of them carried me.

So there is my hodge-podge race recap!  I ran this morning for the 1st time since the race.  My legs felt a bit tired, but it felt good to run :)

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