65 hours

In just over 65 hours, the gun will fire for the start of the Pensacola Marathon.  It’s amazing to look back at my training log and know that I have done everything in my power to be ready.  While yes there have been runs I have cut short and goal times I haven’t met, overall, I have stuck to my plan pretty darn well.

In my previous 2 marathons (Feb and April 2008), I trained with other people for a lot of it.  This time, it’s all been on my own.  That is a pretty cool feeling.  Yet don’t get me wrong – I’d prefer to have people to run with – but the 1 person I’ve found to run with in this small town (who is an amazing training partner) – had knee surgery this Fall.

So I’m resting my legs as much as possible, stretching, staying hydrated, and seeking to make every calorie I eat to be a calorie my body can use for good (which is HARD with our bucket full of Halloween candy!!!)

As for my time on Sunday – I’ll be happy with a PR (3:29:58), but I REALLY want to break 3:20. That’s my high goal.  Training’s done.  All that’s left is to run a SMART race!

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