the taper

Tapering for a marathon can be very weird.  After months of building, pushing, etc you all of a sudden back off.  You’re going shorter, telling yourself to slow down, etc.  You’d think your legs would LOVE it yet in reality the more common thing is for your legs to feel tired and heavy.  I remember feeling this way before my 1st marathon in 2008 and trying not to FREAK OUT.  8 weeks later on the bus to the start of the Boston Marathon, veteran marathoners  were talking about this exact phenomenon. I felt vidicated and relieved!  After the months of building, your legs are tired and the lactic acid works itself out over the course of the taper. It’s why you taper – to flush it all out before the race!

The thought of this week is a bit unnerving – 5 miles Monday, 4 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Saturday … MARATHON Sunday! I do plan to do strides after each run this week to help flush out of my legs and to keep them fresh.

And I can’t wait for Sunday!!!

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  1. Tom Gifford

    Your ready!

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