There’s a reason my new shoes were 30% off …

Ugly for sure.  These are the Nike Lunar Glide 3 which have been replaced by the Lunar Glide 4, so stores want the 3s out and for some reason no one is buying these beauties. So in comes me, always looking for a bargain!

I’m actually in a bit of a shoe conundrum.  I typically have 2 pairs of shoes going, that I rotate between.  I’ve been doing that with 2 pairs of Nike Pegasus.  Both shoes are getting up there in miles (yes I am this anal, thanks to Running Ahead) – 368 and 257.  I have my Lunar Racers which I love for half marathons and shorter, but I don’t think I want to run a full marathon on them – I’m afraid my legs will get too beat up with that little support.  Thus, the Glides.  I am breaking them in to be sure, but I’m thinking I’ll run the marathon on them.   SO basically, I am rotating between 3 pairs of shoes right now – trying to get the most out of every pair! And of course, I did just buy another pair of Pegasus to take advantage of 25% off (I’m SUCH a sucker) but I did read that it is important to get new shoes soon after a marathon to help your legs recover faster.


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  1. I just bought the LunarGlide 4, and I definitely like them for short to middle distance runs (up to 10-12 miles), but I’m not sure they would support my feet during a marathon. But I am not a tiny little runner (195 lbs), so your results may vary. :)

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